Perishable Product Shipping Policy & Information

This information is identical for all cold products, please read at least once to ensure you’re aware of how to ship this product properly.

A single cold shipper box + cold packs will add to your order automatically when the first cold product is added to the cart. You only need this one cold shipper on your order (we will add an extra cold shipper only if absolutely necessary), so please do not add additional units as it will overcharge on your shipping costs at checkout due to added weight. If you choose to delete the cold shipper, you are assuming all risk with your order and items may not arrive in ideal condition and will not be eligible for refund or replacement on items that do not arrive well-chilled, so do not remove this unless you are 100% accepting all responsibility for however the items arrive, as no replacements or refunds will be given on orders containing cold goods where the shipper has been removed.

For all refrigerated/frozen food products, we can only recommend shipping with a service that shows a delivery of either 1 or 2 days in transit to ensure proper freshness on arrival (shipping times for each service are shown at checkout). If Ground services show 3 days or longer for delivery time estimates at checkout, you accept all risk in selecting any service that shows more than 1 or 2 days for estimated time in transit as we cannot replace or refund on cold items that take beyond 2 days to arrive once shipped if they arrive completely thawed and warm. Please select 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air if Ground services do not show delivery within the 2 day time range to ensure best condition of items on delivery.

Our shipping schedule for perishable goods has changed! FedEx is now delivering to most areas 7 days/week, and UPS 6 days/week (no current Sunday delivery, though this is expected to change later this year).  If you choose FedEx shipping and are in the areas where there is delivery every day of the week, orders containing cold goods may ship Monday-Friday.  For UPS delivery, we will ship your order ASAP so long as it will arrive by Saturday in the same week to prevent any delivery delays due to no UPS delivery on Sundays. Please be sure to watch for possible weekend delivery – you will receive an email with your tracking information when your order ships so that you can be aware if your items may be arriving on the weekend.  If you cannot accommodate weekend delivery, please note this in your order comments so that we can hold your order to ship the following Monday if need be.

If you will not be home at the time of normal delivery for your order (typically afternoons between noon and 7 PM), we strongly suggest you have your order shipped to your work address, or, to a family member/friend/neighbor who can receive the items for you to put them in cold storage on delivery. We are not responsible for items delivered early in the day that are not received until you arrive home later in the evening when temperatures are warm in your area, so please ship appropriately to ensure your order will not be left out in the heat for hours after delivery which can rapidly increase thawing.

We do not recommend shipping to a PO Box address for any orders containing cold goods. Please ship all orders containing cold items to a physical address where you or a friend/family member/neighbor can receive the items at the time of delivery as orders sent to PO Box addresses cannot be replaced/refunded if there are delivery issues that delay arrival. Any PO Box orders containing cold items are sent at your own risk with no guarantees.

While cold items can ship outside the USA, they require expedited shipping options just as with domestic orders we ship. If you are outside the USA and wish to order cold goods, be sure to choose a shipping option at checkout that notes delivery in 2-3 days at very most. If you have questions, please email for details on shipping options and costs prior to ordering. All orders sent outside the USA are sent at your own risk as we are not responsible for any delays in clearing Customs in the nation of delivery or issues that may prevent the items from being allowed in (please consult your nation’s Customs office for details on importing products and potential duty rates).

Please do not be alarmed if items arrive in a state of thawing so long as they arrive within the recommended 1-2 days from date of shipping with the cold shipper included. As there are no animal-based ingredients to spoil as things thaw, all products can be put back into proper cold storage on arrival to bring them to proper texture if they are no longer frozen. While most orders will arrive still partially frozen or well-chilled, areas with high heat tend to have orders thaw more rapidly on the 2nd day in transit, so be sure you’ve chosen the recommended shipping and all items will be fine as long as you get them into proper cold storage as soon as they arrive.

By clicking the checkbox at completion of your order to note that you have read and accepted all policies and terms regarding shipping cold products, you confirm you have read our policies and have accepted all risk if you choose to remove the cold shipper or select shipping that takes longer than 1 or 2 business days for delivery. No refunds or replacements will be given on orders that ship without a cold shipper or where shipping is selected that takes more than 2 business days for delivery.