How COVID-19 May Affect Fulfillment & Shipping

Due to the current COVID-19 situation affecting the entire nation, we are experiencing an extremely high volume of orders, which may temporarily affect our stock levels as well as shipping turnaround.

We are working with our product manufacturers and suppliers to restock and significantly increase inventory so we can better assist all shoppers for getting all products you need. Due to nationwide issues with both raw ingredients shortages and supply chain problems at this time that are affecting many vegan product manufacturers, there are some items/brands that will be difficult for us to get for the coming weeks while awaiting new supply to arrive at their distributors.  Some brands such as Gardein are having many production and supply issues, and are expected to have many items from their line out of stock until well into July or August.  When those brands’ items are finally available again, we will have them at the first moment possible, but please expect some popular brands will have items that are out of stock for many weeks to come while we wait for them to get back into production once again for new supply to be made.  Most items will be available as normal, but again, some brands have been severely affected and will not be back to normal availability for quite a while due to factors beyond our control.

Please note, due to the greatly increased order volume and size of the orders we are receiving, while we normally are able to ship within 1 business day most times, some orders may be delayed up to 4 days beyond normal immediate ship times while we are working to get caught up. We are working around the clock as we do during the holiday season to offer the best possible turnaround time and prevent any possible delays, but we ask that you please be patient in the event orders may need slightly longer to ship as this is a situation few stores were prepared for such increase in orders.

Express orders (Overnight shipping or 2 Day Air) will continue to be sent within the day they are placed (or, the following day if too late to ship same day) Monday-Thursday, but Ground delivery and USPS orders may be affected by this for a period until we are fully restocked and caught up later this week.

We ask that, when placing your order, to please be sure you have all items you will want at the time you submit the order – though we normally are very flexible to be able to add or remove items once you place your order, however, while dealing with high shipment volume at this time, we will NOT be able to adjust orders at this time after they have been placed.  Should you need to cancel your order for any reason, we ask that you please do so within 12 hours of the time the order is placed to ensure we can catch it before it will ship out.  Some cancellation requests placed beyond that time frame may not be able to be accommodated, so please notify us as soon as possible at if you need to cancel an order for any reason.

Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by this virus directly or indirectly, and we most certainly are hoping that things will be under control and returning to normal again within the coming weeks.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at for general questions, or, if you are needing assistance with any orders. Thank you for your consideration during this difficult time for all of us – we hope you all stay safe and healthy, and we will continue to update this information as any changes to our processes occur.