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    Storefront Artisan Cultured Cheeses Darë Cultured Cashew Brie - Pepper Jack
    Darë Cultured Cashew Brie - Pepper Jack

    Darë Cultured Cashew Brie - Pepper Jack

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    Darë Vegan Cheese was brought to conception in the thick of the Asheville food scene by owner and chef, Gwendolyn Dare Hageman. Spending years in restaurants that catered to the original American diet, she found her true passion in creating food with "limitations" and developed a deep desire to provide better, more creative alternatives.  

    Using the same traditional cheesemaking techniques, sans dairy, Darë Vegan Cheese creates an artisan, aged, alternative. Darë strongly believes you can't create an alternative and call it "cheese" without following the age-old technique of CHEESEMAKING. Their culturing process creates gut healthy probiotics that both flavor our cheeses, and give back to your body.

    This Pepper Jack Brie has all the rich and creamy flavor of classic brie cheese, but with just the right amount of added heat from jalapenos and red pepper, making it the right choice for those who like some spice with their cheese!

    6 oz. (168g) wedges are $13.49 each.

    **PLEASE NOTE - all wedges are stickered with their sell-by date for refrigerated sale.  As we freeze these wedges, they're fresh frozen for 10 months beyond the stickered date, or, are fresh for 4 weeks once thawed if kept refrigerated!**

    Ingredients: Cashews, coconut milk, vegan culture, filtered water, kosher salt, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, maple syrup, jalapeno, roasted red pepper, red pepper flakes

    Nutritional information: Coming soon!