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    Storefront Companion Animal Products HyaFlex Canine Hip & Joint Support Formula
    HyaFlex Canine Hip & Joint Support Formula

    HyaFlex Canine Hip & Joint Support Formula

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    $26.99 $26.94

    HyaFlex is a hip and joint formula formulated with pure HA (hyaluronic acid) to be the optimal joint health supplement for your animal companions.  As dogs get older, their bodies may produce significantly less synovial fluid (HA), which can lead to joint pain and inflammation.  

    HyaFlex helps support and maintain joint mobility and flexibility as well as joint and cartilage function, helping your pets to feel better than ever before. Hyaluronic Acid has also shown to be beneficial in skin, coat and gum health, as well as eye function. 

    Each serving delivers 2mg of pure HA in an odorless and flavorless saline solution, and is easy to administer orally via the dropper that is included with the bottle.  

    1 oz. (30ml) bottle contains 30 servings.  $26.99 per bottle. Now on Sale for $21.99!

    Product facts:
    Serving size - 1ml (1 full dropper)
    Serv. per - 30
    Hyaluronic Acid   2mg *

    Inactive ingredients: Normal saline