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    Storefront All Luca Di Tomaso Scigula Rosato IGT 2020
    Luca Di Tomaso Scigula Rosato IGT 2020

    Luca Di Tomaso Scigula Rosato IGT 2020

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    Acid:              〚racy〛                 

    Alcohol:        〚13.5%〛

    Body:             〚light〛             

    Fruit:              〚pink〛




    70% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Sagrantino

    Delicate on the nose and super reserved at first, this wine opens up to beautiful red fruits and floral notes. As it warms slightly and interacts with oxygen, it shows red and pink-candy flavors without any of the sweetness. Ripe stone fruit and melon, wild strawberries, red apple, and pomegranate with perfectly piercing acidity.  The longer the bottle is open the more delicious fruit she gives. This wine has a very long finish and the structure and fruit to stand up to a red curry with coconut.


    Lucas di Tomaso

    According to owner Luca di Tomaso, "We believe in minimal intervention and a fully hands-on approach. As an organic winemaker, the Azienda [company] is herbicide and pesticide-free. We care about the animals and especially the bees that live in our vineyards. We trust in handmade methods and follow the biological phases of nature, including moon phases. We use green manure to increase soil fertility and spray with just organic substances (copper, sulfur, and essential oils from plants and fruits)."

    Luca is one of the youngest winemakers in Umbria and the absolute youngest in Montefalco. He moved from Milan to Montefalco when he was 24 to begin his winemaking dream with only 4 ha of vineyards to start with. He is a pioneer in organic and veganic practices with sustainability as a passionate focus. On each of his labels, you will always find a reference to stars and the moon, which he explains is for the beauty he finds in his new home of Umbria. The expanse of the night sky and the brightness of the moon and stars is something he never got to experience while in the big city of Milan and has enchanted him.

    This winery and vineyard, located in Montefalco, Italy, began converting to organic methods three years ago. As of June 2019, they became fully organic.

    You can learn a little more about Luca and his wines in his interview with Italian blogger, Alessandro of TanninTime.

    His wines involve minimal intervention and, as you’ll hear, he draws his greatest inspiration from living close to nature.