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    Storefront All Marasca Rossi Il Rispetto 2018
    Marasca Rossi Il Rispetto 2018

    Marasca Rossi Il Rispetto 2018

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    Adventure:    〚floral〛

    Acid:               〚bright〛                 

    Alcohol:         〚12.5%〛

    Body:              〚medium〛             

    Fruit:                〚red〛

    Tannin:            〚silky〛                   



    60% Lacrima di Morro d'Alba, 30% Montepulciano, 10% Sangiovese

    Lacrima is a grape that produces aromatic soft and silky wines. Strong aromas of kirsch, potpourri, roses lilies, and violets jump out of the glass. On the palate, it has medium acidity and a clean midline. The wine also shows clove, allspice, balsamic and cinnamon candies in sips. The finish is long and complex.

    The name "Rispetto" comes from a belief of Nonna Emma's: "You need 3 things to succeed in life: faith, education, and RESPECT."

    The organic grapes are handpicked and placed in small crates. They are then left to ferment and macerate in stainless steel drums for two weeks at a controlled temperature of 18°C. Finally, they go through a soft pressing and only the free-run juice (the most prized must) is poured back into the drums.


    Azienda Agricola Rovegliano was founded in the same district where our grandparents were born, raised, and worked for years.

    To honor them, we created a brand using their surnames, Marasca and Rossi, giving our clients a little piece of their story.

    Our company philosophy and ambition is to continue what they started many years ago.

    To be respectful of the land and surrounding nature, we practice organic farming techniques, while introducing cutting-edge technology, which allows us to continually improve the quality and maintain the integrity of the ingredients, producing an exquisite final product.

    We are Matteo and Luca, we are brothers and we are eager to tell you our story in person.