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    Storefront Artisan Cultured Cheeses Moo No More Cashew Truffle le Bleu Brie - 5 oz. wedge
    Moo No More Cashew Truffle le Bleu Brie - 5 oz. wedge

    Moo No More Cashew Truffle le Bleu Brie - 5 oz. wedge

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    For years, vegans craved the authentic flavor and texture of bleu cheese but never had an option that was close enough to the "real thing" to truly fill the void - until now!  It pairs perfectly with the subtleness of a creamy brie to make this awesomely delicious new cheese unlike the rest.

    Moo No More has taken vegan bleu cheese to a new level with their incredible process using unique cultures to create a bleu that's not just another cashew cheese with spirulina added for "authentic" coloring - this cheese is the real deal, with true hand-made culturing processes that bring the true beneficial mold and texture out to give you a bleu that's worthy of serving at the finest gatherings.

    Balanced with just the right amount of truffle oil for a pairing that's sure to please, you can slice it, spread it, put it on crackers or fruit, crumble on salads, and enjoy it any way you like.  This is one delicious dairy-free option that will have you amazed how close the new wave of plant-based cheeses are to being almost spot-on for their dairy counterparts!

    Made with only 7 simple, natural ingredients.  Each wedge is between 4 and 5 oz.  $13.79 per wedge.


    **Please note that color may vary from blue to black for authentic mold in this cheese, each piece may be slightly different from the rest**

    Ingredients: Cashews, coconut cream, vegan cultures, penecillum roqueforti, penecillum candidum, truffle oil, salt

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 1 oz. (28g)
    Servings Per Container about 5
    Amount Per Serving

    Calories 120

    Total Fat 10g
    Trans Fat 0g
    Saturated Fat 2.5g
    Sodium 100mg
    Total Carbohydrate 8g  
    Dietary Fiber 1g  
    Sugars <1g  
    Protein 5g
    Calcium  1% DV 
    Iron  10% DV 
    Potassium  4% DV