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    Storefront Sale Organic Raw Golden Berries by Navitas Naturals
    Organic Raw Golden Berries by Navitas Naturals

    Organic Raw Golden Berries by Navitas Naturals

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    Originally cultivated thousands of years ago in the Incan Empire, these dried berries have enjoyed a huge resurgence of popularity in markets around the world, due to their unique taste and remarkable health benefits. Also known as “Incan Berries” or “Cape Gooseberries,” Golden berries grow in warm climates on a type of small but resilient bush, where natural paper hulks resembling Chinese lanterns delicately cradle the small golden fruit on the inside. Once harvested, the berries are sun-dried, developing a robust and complex citrus-like flavor that is appreciated by everyone from gourmet chefs to children.

    Not your average dried fruit, flavor-packed Golden berries also boast an excellent nutritional profile. The fruit is best noted for its high amounts of carotene and bioflavonoids (vitamin P) -- nutrients which studies have shown to produce anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity (among many other benefits). Golden berries are also an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and contain a good amount of dietary fiber and pectin. Unlike most fruits, Golden berries also contain protein and phosphorous.

    With the sweetness of a raisin, the zing of a tart citrus zest, and a taste that is all around “golden,” Navitas Naturals Golden berries are an incredible culinary experience. Fantastic eaten straight out of the bag, Golden berries inherent complex flavor also makes them an excellent pairing food for artisan edibles such as chocolate or wine. Alternately, this fruit makes a special addition to desserts, muffins and baked goods, trail mixes, jams, and all the recipes of your imagination! 4 oz. bag is normally $6.29, now on sale for $4.99! 

    Ingredients: Certified organic and raw mulberries

    Nutritional information:
    Serving size – 1 oz. (28g)
    Servings per package – 4
    Calories per serving – 80
    Total fat – 0g
    Sodium – 25mg
    Total carbohydrate – 17g (3g fiber, 9g sugars)
    Protein – 2g