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    Quintard, Charentais Colombard

    Quintard, Charentais Colombard

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    Acid:             〚mouth-watering〛                 

    Alcohol:        〚11.7%〛

    Body:            〚medium+〛             

    Fruit:             〚green & fresh〛                   


    Alcohol Percentage: 13%
    Varietal:  100% Colombard
    Appellation: Charentais

    Soil: Limestone - Clayey, Champagne black soil with rolling pebbles
    Palate: The Colombard in all its splendor, fresh, lemony, mixing with flowers
    acacia and honey.
    Nose: Acacia flowers, Citrus fruits, honey

    Colombard is a white grape made from a light
    cold skin maceration for 3 to 6 hours.
    A light and gentle pressing is carried out in order to obtain the best possible juice.
    A cold stall (5 ° C) for a week follows, to extract all the aromas of the
    settling lees and add fat to the wine.
    This is the start of the fermentation leaven, a very difficult stage due to the temperature of the must.
    The F.A. is made with a maximum T ° of 16 ° C, and takes place on average over 3 weeks,
    always with the aim of extracting the aromas, of fermentation origin.
    At the end of FA, a first racking is carried out, but this time, to put the lees back into
    suspension in the wine, to give it fat and roundness on the palate.
    Several times in the winter, the lees are resuspended, with oxygenation of
    these to restore volume and reactivate them so that they can restore it in turn
    End of winter, complete racking and filtration before bottling