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Toodaloo - Adaptogenic Trail Mix | Multiple Flavors

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Flavors Turning Heads (4oz)

Ordinary trail mixes are made to satiate hunger and only hunger. Toodaloo’s Adaptogenic Trail Mixes, however, go one step further! These contain selected ingredients to help you with energy and even stress relief. Grab any one of Toodaloo’s multi-beneficial trail mixes today! Available in Turning Heads, Slow Your Roll, and Smoke Show flavors


Turning Heads (4oz)
*Organic Sprouted Almonds, Coconut Sugar*, Cashews, Coconut Chips*, Dried Cranberries*, (Apple Juice Concentrate*, Sunflower Oil*), Sultana Raisins*, Cacao Powder*, Rose Elixir (Water Goji Berry* and Rose Petals), Coconut Nectar*, Olive Oil*, Himalayan Salt, Sea Buckthorn Juice Powder*, Vanilla extract and Hibiscus Flower
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Almonds, Coconut, Cashews)

Slow Your Roll (4.2oz)
*Organic Sprouted Walnuts, Cashews, Coconut Chips*, Coconut Sugar*, Dried Cranberries*, (Apple Juice Concentrate*, Sunflower Oil*), Mulberries*, Chamomile Tea (water & chamomile flowers), Maple Syrup*, Cashew Butter*, Sesame Seeds*, Sultana Raisins*, Dried Blueberries*, Mesquite Pod Meal*, Himalayan Salt, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ashwagandha Extract, Reishi* and Mucuna Pruriens
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Walnuts, Cashews, Coconut), Sesame 

Smoke Show (6oz)
*Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds*, Roasted Chickpeas*, Sprouted Almonds, Sprouted Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds*, Olive Oil*, Smoked Paprika*, Himalayan Salt, Tomato*, Coconut Sugar*, Black Pepper*, Onion*, Garlic*, Lemon Peel*, Chilies*, Chaga*, Cordyceps* and Cumin*
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Almonds, Walnuts, Coconut)

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