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    Storefront Companion Animal Products Trixsyn Canine Hyaluronan Joint Health Supplement
    Trixsyn Canine Hyaluronan Joint Health Supplement

    Trixsyn Canine Hyaluronan Joint Health Supplement

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    The new revolution in canine joint support is here! Trixsyn (formerly Redidog) delivers MHB3 bioactive hyaluronan to support your animals' joints and tissues. Hyaluronan is a biomacromolecule found naturally throughout your dog’s body with concentrations in synovial fluid and cartilage. With trauma, osteoarthritis and aging, this natural hyaluronan in the body deteriorates. Trixsyn helps replenish your dogs natural hyaluronan which:

    - Reduces joint pain
    - Controls inflammation
    - Protects cartilage
    - Hydrates tissues
    - Lubricates joints
    - Stabilizes vertebrae

    This human-grade supplement has been clinically tested in humans to show its superiority to Glucosamine and MSM, making it the optimal supplement for alleviating joint and tissue pain for your companion animals. Give your companion the best when it comes to joint health and support with Trixsyn. 6 oz. (180ml) bottle contains 144 servings, which is a 72 day supply. $36.99 per bottle. Now on Sale for $19.99! (Best by date 10/31/22)

    Supplement facts:
    Serving size – ½ tsp.
    Servings per container – 72 (36 day supply)

    MHB3 (hyaluronan) – 24mg

    Other ingredients: Purified water, citric acid, potassium sorbate