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    Califia is one of the best vegan dairy companies on the market. Califia Farms is a company based out of California that is on a mission to help preserve the planet through better farming practices and a plant-based commitment. Read more
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    Their advanced farming practices are revolutionizing the impact that farming has on the environment, aiming to be as minimally impacting as well as making delicious products.

    Califia is known for their amazing vegan coffee products and accessories. They have this lovely organic almond milk that is unsweetened and has a fabulous flavor. Add this to any smoothie or steam it to add it into a latte or cappuccino of your choice. They also have this amazing almond creamer with some added lavender flavor that is unique and delicious!

    They have some amazing ready-to-drink products that are amazing as well. Products like this cold brew coffee pumpkin spice drink that tastes incredible! Simply add it to a glass full of ice and enjoy! It can be a bit of a bummer to have amazing drinks at home and not be able to bring them with you, so products like this amazing matcha latte can help you bring deliciousness wherever you want to go!