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Why Go Vegan

There are so many benefits to a vegan diet. We know it can seem daunting if you’ve spent your life relying on animal-derived products. We understand the questions that might be running through your head. Will I have to eat bland food forever? Will I get all the nutrients I need? Will it cost me lots of money? Why go vegan?! Well, lucky for you, we’re here to help.

We Need To Care For The Environment

It’s no secret that our planet is under immense pressure. Agriculture plays a big role in climate change, producing around a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

And this is largely due to the meat and dairy industries, which create around 14.5% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Forests and other important ecosystems are continually destroyed to make way for agriculture.

We Need To Care For The Environment

Help Stop Animal Cruelty

Another of the main reasons to go vegan is to show care and respect for the wonderful creatures we live alongside. We all know that a diet laden with animal products means the violent killing of animals. And despite all the amazing vegan alternatives now available, this continues to be the norm.

We wholeheartedly believe that this must change. Let’s look at some of the stats.

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