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    Storefront Vegan Meat & Seafood

    Vegan Meat & Seafood

    Serve up a plate of just about any kind of dish using vegan meat or seafood! Sure, they’re meatless but they’re deliciously savory and great alternatives to animal-derived meats. A lot of the plant-based seafood you’ll find here has the same salty taste and flaky texture that most know and love. 🐟 The plant-based meats? As versatile and tasty as their counterparts. 🍖

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    We’re thrilled to offer the most popular vegan seafood and meat brands here. We have Beyond Meat, Sweet Earth, Gardein, Impossible, Quorn, and The Very Good Butchers… and that’s naming just a few. We’ve even got high-quality brands that you may haven’t even heard of yet, too!

    Vegan Essentials has your… well… essentials! Plant-based alternatives for beef, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, and seafood come aplenty here. You can cook a lot of these vegan meats and plant-based seafood similar to how you normally would - fry, saute, bake, or grill them. How you cook them plays a crucial role in how they taste, just like regular meat!