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No need to head to your local shop to get ingredients, we'll deliver all the plant-based sausages and deli slices you could ever need.Read more
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From plant-based turkey to smoked vegan slices, Vegan Essentials has collected all of them and placed them all in one convenient spot. This makes it easier for you to plan your ultimate sandwich 🥪 since you can mix and match as you go along!

Moving to another sandwich star, sausages! We’re not afraid to say it - a hotdog is a sandwich 🌭. That’s why you can also find top-quality vegan sausage brands right here. You know what? Why stop at sandwiches, use these tasty picks to make pizzas and wraps, too!

With a spread like this, what more could you want? The key to the world of delectable subs and sandwiches is in your hands. All that’s necessary now is getting the right vegan sausage and plant-based deli slices!

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