Vegan Burgers, Patties & Cutlets

While everyone can get some plant-based mince or meat and make their own burgers, patties, and cutlets, some of us want something more convenient and less time-consuming. ⏱ Read more

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That's why we made a collection dedicated to ready-to-cook vegan patties and plant-based burgers. These aren't just beef substitutes, too. You'll get plant-based alternatives for chicken, turkey, and seafood. 🌱 You get the idea. Anything you want, it's most likely here!

We’ve got the best vegan burgers, patties, cutlets, and fillets. Be it frying, grilling, or baking, these juicy selections make perfect meals! For something classic, fry up some veg cutlets and serve with rice and sauce 🍛. As a quick meal, slice up some vegan patties and make a wrap!

A steady supply of delicious plant-based burgers, veg cutlets, and vegan patties is a must for every home. If you’re in a hurry and haven’t got time to think of a complicated dinner, get these heated and ready to serve in minutes!

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