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    Here at Vegan Essentials, we absolutely love our pets. We love our pets and we know how much they love the most delicious, health-backed vegan products. We’ve got some of the best pet supplies out there, with vegan dog food and vegan dog treats for all sorts of canines! If you’re more of a feline-friendly person then we have some amazing vegan cat food, vegan cat food, and pet accessories for you.

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    This dog food from Coco Therapy is absolutely amazing, our dogs love it! They are free from grains and gluten, things that don’t tend to sit well with dogs. We’ve also got these amazing dog treats from Lord Jameson. These are the perfect thing to bring on a nice long walk on the weekend to reward your furry friend for being a good dog!

    We’ve got this amazingly flavorful, pasta-flavored cat food for your lovely cat! This is one of the best vegan cat foods around. We know that your cat will absolutely adore this wonderful vegan cat food!

    One of the biggest obstacles we’ve had as vegan, ethically-minded dog owners is plastic dog poo bags. Now you don’t have to worry about them making a mess with these amazing biodegradable poo bags!