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If you like delicious sweet treats as a vegan then you will love Go Max Go Foods. Go Max Go Foods creates amazing sweet treats from a variety of different recipes. Their chocolate-making recipes are always so luxurious with such a fabulous texture and sweet hit. Their bars always hit the spot whenever you have a sweet craving...Read more

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Products like this Jokerz Candy Bar are guaranteed winners. They have a lovely biscuity base within the bar with a wonderful layer of vegan caramel on top, with some peanuts woven inside. This replicates some classic chocolate bars that we have all loved over the years but made with organic ingredients and in vegan form!

If you love peanut butter chocolate cups then you will definitely love these. These vegan milk chocolate-coated peanut butter cups are insanely delicious and provide a magical hit of sweet flavor. We also love these amazing Buccaneer Candy Bars. They are made without any nuts or gluten and have a fabulously soft texture!

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