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    Vegan Marshmallows & Rice Crispy Treats

    Are marshmallows vegan? Usually not as they contain gelatin, which is an animal protein derived from cows or pigs. But don't worry - they CAN be vegan, and Vegan Essentials have selected the very best vegan marshmallows and vegan rice crispy treats for you. Read more
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    Our gelatin-free marshmallows are light, fluffy, and naturally flavored. They'e perfect for melting over a fire 🔥 or making gooey vegans & mores. 🍫

    We have chosen the very best vegan marshmallow brands that are making waves in the world of sweet treats. And what else are marshmallows good for? Rice crispy treats! We have also selected some sticky, crispy vegan rice crispy treats for when you want something with a bit of a bite. Go on - you deserve a treat! đź’Ż

    Our favorite vegan marshmallows include these perfectly fluffy ones Air Puffed Marshmallows by Dandies. For something fruity and extra special, try Raspberry Chocolate Covered Mallow Puffs. Looking for vegan rice crispy treats? Check out the awesome range by Treat House!