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    Storefront Best Sellers 2fer Candy Bar by Go Max Go Foods
    2fer Candy Bar by Go Max Go Foods

    2fer Candy Bar by Go Max Go Foods

    15 reviews
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    Please see important details below regarding shipping chocolate products to warm areas!

    Go Max Go has always been the best when it comes to replicating classic candy bars into a new vegan form, and they've definitely made a splash with their new treat called the 2fer, which is VERY similar to a Twix™ but of course, it's made only with vegan and GMO-free ingredients!

    The 2fer starts with a delicious cookie, tops it with smooth caramel, and then enrobes the entire thing in decadent vegan ricemilk chocolate to give you an amazing taste sensation that'll let you enjoy the flavors of this classic combination without sacrificing your ethics.  Or, flavor for that matter, because you're not giving up anything but those nasty non-vegan and artificial ingredients when you enjoy a 2fer!

    Each 2fer is 1.5 oz. (43g) per package and are $2.59 each, or save 10% when you buy 12 packs or more for $2.33!

    Ingredients: Cane sugar, wheat flour, palm oil, sustainaly-sourced palm kernel oil, organic rice syrup, cocoa powder (natural and alkalized), enzyme modified soy protein, dextrose, natural flavors, salt, baking soda, sunflower lecithin, agar

    *NOTE* - Chocolate can melt in the summer heat, especially if your destination area temperature is in the mid 80s or above when the package takes more than a day or two in transit. We recommend expedited 2nd Day Air shipping and the addition of a cold shipper (offered below) for orders where you want to minimize the risk of melted chocolate, and that it is delivered where someone will be there to accept the package at time of delivery (work address if not at home). The link to select a cold shipper is shown below, please click that link to be able to add the appropriate cold shipping supplies if you wish to protect your items during the hotter months.  We cannot accept responsibility for melted chocolates, so please order at your own risk!

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 1.5 oz.
    Servings Per Container 1
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 210
    Total Fat 12g
    Trans Fat 0g
    Saturated Fat 8g
    Sodium 50mg
    Total Carbohydrate 24g  
    Dietary Fiber 2g  
    Sugars 17g  
    Protein 3g
    Customer Reviews
    4.8 Based on 15 Reviews
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    Taste is pretty good, cookie part was a bit stale

    I like the taste of this, I think the caramel has the right texture and the chocolate is a good milk chocolate without being over loweringly sweet. However, the cookie part was not the same as a Twix bar, its texture was more crumbly and didn't have that Twix bar snap. Would still recommend but I wish they would make the cookie part have a bit more of a crisp to it.


    Better than Twix

    I thought this tasted a bit like Twix, but it's better than Twix. Not the toothachey sweetness and much better flavor. It's my new favorite Go Max Go candy bar, just edging out Jokers.


    Good! 8/10

    This was a good candy bar! As always, GO MAX GO has impressed! However, this is nothing like a Twix bar if that's what you're after. This is a good candy bar but it's not a proper sub for a Twix. The cookie part was yummy but the caramel was really hard (like really hard) so maybe I got a dud. Overall, the flavor was pretty good! I might buy this again but that's still up in the air.



    Yo this candy bar is so good that I wish I was on a throne of them and I could eat 1000 of them a day they are so delicious that I can’t understand how something this good has been created I wish I could give this product 100 stars a review


    Acceptable Vegan Twix

    I have been wanting to try 2-fer for a while now, particularly because Twix was one of my top three favourite candies prior to going vegan. However, I noticed a lot of comments about this particular bar was a whole lot of miss and wanted to see for myself if this was actually like Twix or not. Finally eating it, I have to say this is a perfectly acceptable vegan version of Twix. I'm not sure if a lot of the reviews were talking about the previous version, but 2-fer honestly contains what I'm looking for in a Twix-like bar: a cookie with caramel, covered in (vegan) milk chocolate. The cookie has the right flavour, although it does not have the correct texture (if I recall, Twix is significantly more crunchy) and I felt the caramel layer was a bit too thin. I think if it had double the caramel and a slightly crunchier cookie, it would be PERFECT. However, as far as vegan Twix goes, this honestly does the trick for me. I highly recommend this as a vegan version of Twix. Easily in my top 3 favourite Go Max Go Foods candy bars. Now if only someone would make a proper vegan Kit Kat!