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    I’m sure we have all heard by now that mushrooms can have some major impacts on our health in a positive way. Mushrooms have been found to help with all sorts of issues in our body and mind, helping us realize our full potential. Read more
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    Four Sigmatic are on a journey to help you get an amazing amount of healthy mushrooms into your body in delicious ways!

    Four Sigmatic are the original mushroom coffee creators. They have amazing products like this ground coffee with Ashwagandha. This coffee is infused with Ashwagandha - providing some potential health benefits as well as tasting delicious. Ashwagandha has adaptogenic properties that can help the body cope with stress and anxiety, and help your body to relax.

    If you aren’t a coffee lover but still want something to help your mind then we would really recommend this Matcha Latte with Lion’s Mane. Making this powder into a fabulous matcha drink is so easy and it tastes so delicious! Lion’s Mane is known to improve your cognitive abilities - helping you think clearly and focused throughout the day.