Harmless harvest

Harmless Harvest is a wonderful company making wonderful products. Their mission is to create delicious coconut-based products that create an amazing, sustainable, delicious range of products. Their products are all aimed at giving consumers healthy products that they can trust, nourishing and satisfying bodies around the world...Read more
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They are well known for their amazing coconut smoothies. We have them available in three flavors of original, chocolate, and mango. These flavors only have a maximum of 5 ingredients that are all organic and fairtrade certified. Take any of these with you to work, school, or to a picnic for a delicious and nutritious drink.

They have other amazing products like these coconut yogurts. They are available in both mango and unsweetened plain flavors. You can use the mango to add a burst of flavor to your afternoon for a filling and healthy snack. The unsweetened plain can serve as the base of so many amazing breakfast and lunch possibilities.

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