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    Kite Hill didn't just make dairy-free cheese and called it a day. Kite Hill foods are assuredly delicious, too! They are most known for their cheesy alternatives, namely their creamy cream cheese and whipped ricotta. What’s the secret? Almonds! Non-GMO almonds and almond milk make up their cheeses and yogurts. This ingenious way of making this food is what we love the most! This also means their texture is much like the real deal, only they’re all vegan-friendly. Neat, huh?

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    Cool off with Kite Hill Greek yogurts. You can also whip up delicious breakfasts with their plant-based butters and spreads. For snacks, they pair so well with Kite Hill tzatziki, sour cream, and queso dips. 

    Get all your essential Kite Hill foods here at PlantX! Dodging dairy has never been this easy. When you’ve got Kite Hill on your corner, you can easily make every recipe cheesy and creamy!