Lesser Evil

Lesser Evil is an amazing popcorn company that produces popcorn that is healthier and more delicious than regular popcorn! Their popcorn has fewer ingredients that actually help it to taste better and fresher than the more famous brands. Each bag is lower in fat, lower in sugar, and lower in calories so you can get closer to your health goals while still enjoying some absolutely delicious snacks...Read more
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This Lesser Evil Organic Himalayan Gold Butter Popcorn is a wonderful creation. Lesser Evil has somehow managed to find a way of making coconut oil into a butter-flavored coating that makes this popcorn taste insanely good. There are only four ingredients in this popcorn including Himalayan salt which can help to provide some amazing savory flavors and make this popcorn sing. They have other amazing savory flavors like this No Cheese Cheesiness Popcorn. Each bag is made with organic vegan cheese flavors extracted from plants that taste amazing!

They have a lovely range of sweet popcorns like this Himalayan Sweetness Popcorn. It is sweetened with organic raw cane sugar a organic brown rice syrup for a lower-calorie, truly delicious flavor that you won’t be able to put down! This is a truly Moorish sweetness that you will adore.

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