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    Partake Cookies

    If you're a vegan and you like cookies then you are in your new heaven. Partake Cookies will help to bring you some sweet and fabulous deliciousness as a vegan! They have a lovely range of cookies that are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, as well as many products that are nut-free and suitable for other allergies. Read more
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    We have got an amazing selection of their products right here!

    Starting off with some classic graham cookies - these gluten-free and vegan beauties are the perfect thing to bring on a camping trip, providing the crunch and structure to one of America’s favorite things - the s’more. These vanilla wafers are another crowd-pleaser with their delicate sweetness, light crunchiness, and incredible moorishness!

    Veering into some more unique products - they have these amazing soft-baked peppermint and chocolate cookies. The soft and sweet flavors melt in your mouth with a refreshing mintiness that pairs so well with the rich chocolate. These soft lemon cookies are another hit as well with their amazing tang, followed by beautiful sweetness that creates an incredible texture.