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    SmartSweets are a genius invention. We all love a bit of a sweet treat from time to time, though it can be so easy to make yourself feel guilty. Read more
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    SmartSweets has come up with the perfect solution - delicious candies that come in a wide range of styles that have zero added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and are colored with fruit and veggie juices. These candies are some of the least unhealthy on the market and are super kid-friendly!

    SmartSweet has all your favorite fruity flavors. These watermelon sour bites pack a satisfying sour kick while delivering all of that lovely, summery watermelon flavor. Another classic is the peach rings. These insanely delicious sweets will give you some warm, summery vibes and are only a tiny 100 calories per pack!

    Venturing into some more specialized sweet forms, these lollipops are a fabulous thing. They replicate the originally artificial-tasting blue raspberry and watermelon flavors into a natural-tasting burst of beauty. We are also big fans of these red liquorice-style red twists that have a fantastic chew that cannot be missed on road trips!