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    At PlantX, we're committed to bringing you the best vegan brands on the market, at the best prices. So Delicious, if you're not familiar, is an amazing brand specializing in coconut milk-based dairy replacements. Read more
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    Their recipes are fine-tuned to deliver amazing textures that we think are better than the original thing! Their lovely range covers all of your vegan dairy needs.

    This coconut milk is a wonderful, versatile ingredient that can help to add some vegan creaminess to pretty much any dish. Stir this into a sauce or soup for a velvety texture, use it in a smoothie, a batter, and much more. The unsweetened variety is almost flavorless but there is also an unsweetened vanilla and sweetened vanilla available as well for other purposes.

    All of their products are widely usable for so many different potential dishes. Things like this vegan Cool Whip substitute can have more uses than you think. Yes, it is perfect to dollop on top of any piece of pie, cake, or hot chocolate. It is also great to be added to any pancake or waffle mixture for a fluffy, tasty batter that cooks well and holds its shape really nicely. It’s also available in a lower-fat, lower-calorie version as well.