Who doesn't love a bit of vegan chocolatey goodness? Unreal is a vegan chocolate brand that is bringing some amazing sweet products to the market. Read more
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The Unreal thing about them is that most of their ingredients are made with organic ingredients, natural colors, and natural sweeteners, and are free from artificial things that our bodies don't want. This makes these products ideal for kids and adults alike!

A perfect example of this high standard of ingredients is within these dark chocolate peanut gems. This vegan version of an American favorite is a perfect combination. A crispy sweet shell encases some dark chocolate, which encases a peanut. The colorings are made from beet juice, spirulina extract, and more. If you want more crunch than that we would recommend these dark chocolate crispy quinoa gems.

Another take on an American classic is these dark chocolate peanut butter cups are a sure hit. They are made with organic ingredients that sweeten and elevate this fair-trade certified dark chocolate. The sweet and salty peanut butter really brings an impossibly luxurious texture to these chocolate bites. Each packet comes with 8 cups inside so it is perfect for indulging or sharing!

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