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    Vegan Christmas Essentials

    Now 10% OFF with Code HOLIDAY10! Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry! Whether catering for a vegan family member, or feeding a whole table of vegetarians, there’s no need to limit them to a plate of roast potatoes (as delicious as that may be). We have all the ingredients to make a perfect vegan Christmas feast this festive period.

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    • -16% OFF Future Meatballs by Future Farm
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    • 10% OFF Vegan Zeastar - Kalamariz, 8.8oz
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    Wow your guests this Christmas with an impressive spread of party food favorites such as Savory Stuffed Turk’y with Gravy. Your guests won’t believe them when you tell them the So Delicous - Coconutmilk Holiday Nog is dairy free, but it is! You’ll also find Vegan Zeastar - LEMON SHRIMPZ on offer. These prawn-free nibbles look and taste like the real deal, with a crispy lemon coat and a crunchy batter and a soft center. 

    Check out our range of vegan chocolates, roasts and gifts below, as well as recipe inspiration.