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Vegan Rob's is a wonderful company that is creating some of our favorite vegan snacks. There are surely plenty of new vegans who are feeling disheartened after learning that one of their favorite savory snacks (somehow) has animal products in them. Read more

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Worry no longer as this selection of snacks will take their place and become your new favorite!

Vegan Rob’s produces a lovely range of crisps, or chips, depending on where you are from. These dragon crisps are made with a combination of potatoes and sorghum for a healthier snack without compromising on flavor. If you’ve ever wanted a healthy crisp these turmeric crisps with black pepper are amazing! These two ingredients together have been known to have a whole host of health benefits.

If you want to get something even more healthy then you should know about Puffs. These cauliflower puffs have a lovely crunch and a delicious savory flavor, all while being a much healthier alternative to crisps, or chips. They make these lovely vegan cheesy flavors as well if that’s a flavor combination that you are looking for!

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