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    Storefront All Arterra Zero Sulfite Chardonnay 2021
    Arterra Zero Sulfite Chardonnay 2021

    Arterra Zero Sulfite Chardonnay 2021

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    Adventure:   〚orange〛

    Acid:              〚prickly〛     

    Alcohol:        〚12%〛

    Body:             〚medium〛             

    Fruit:              〚baked citrus〛               


    “Zero” Chardonnay - Contains only Naturally Occurring Sulfites
    Bright and fresh with a vibrant expression of acidity - resulting from eliminating the influence of both sulfites and cold stabilization. Aromas of baked apple and pear with honey and lemon candy. The complex texture and depth come from 10-day skin contact fermentation and aging on the lees.  Reinventing Chardonnay in its natural iteration!
    Serve cool, not cold - evolves as it breathes.
    A Truly Natural Wine - Native Yeast, Native ML, no finings, steel fermented, neutral oak aged, no added sulfites, minimally handled, unfiltered.


    Arterra = Art of the Land

    Abandoning techniques that would be used to replicate the great wines of other regions, Arterra instead celebrates the greatness of Virginia Wine. In order to produce a true ‘Virginia Style,’ they start by producing the highest quality fruit and conclude with minimal intervention in winemaking. This includes native yeast fermentation, neutral oak, no additives, and no concentration manipulations.

    Nothing is done to ‘make’ the wine; instead, the grapes are gently guided to express themselves as wine via an entirely naturally occurring process.