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    Cameli Irene Gaico 2018

    Cameli Irene Gaico 2018

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    Acid:                〚crisp〛

    Alcohol:          〚13%〛

    Body:              〚light+〛

     Fruit:              〚yellow, mellow〛


    THE WINE    

    First of all the grape has nothing to do with the cheese. It’s called Pecorino because it has small dense berries that produce fairly full-bodied wine with intense color. This wine comes from the home of Pecorino. Brings an intense flagrant nose of ripe melon, yellow pear, and slightly tropical aromas of papaya and guava, aromatic lilac, and honeysuckle flowers. Still vibrant and fresh on the palate, with a touch of bitterness and fresh herbs. I like to drink it like this, not colder than 50°F.


    The vines of four indigenous grapes are grown on a small plot in the hills of Castorano in the middle of the Province of Ascoli Piceno. A little corner of land that the Allevi family has taken care of and cultivated with great love, for more than forty years. They like to consider one of Dante Alighieri’s most famous triplets from his Inferno when they think of their relationship with their vines: “Amor ch’a nulla amato amar perdona, mi prese dal costui piacer sì forte, che, come vedi, ancor non m'abbandona.” This means that anyone (or thing) that is greatly loved, is compelled to love in return. So, the Allevi family believes that their vineyards give back the love of which they are made object, producing high-quality grapes which produce exquisite and unique wines.

    The native vines grown on the property include Passerina, Pecorino, Sangiovese, and Montepulciano.  Planted on hills that face south and are sheltered from the sea winds. The mild climate, the intense light exposure, and the abundance of rainwater and underground water make up an ideal environment for the cultivation of precious grapes.