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    Storefront All Château Les Maubats Bordeaux Rosé 2019
    Château Les Maubats Bordeaux Rosé 2019

    Château Les Maubats Bordeaux Rosé 2019

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    Acid:               〚fresh〛                 

    Alcohol:         〚13%〛

    Body:              〚medium+〛             

    Fruit:               〚red & stone〛




    Cabernet Sauvignon 75%, Merlot 25%

    APPEARANCE: Pinkish color, pale, salmon-colored highlights.
    NOSE: Aromatic, slight blackcurrant aromas, subtle strawberry aromas, subtle blackberry aromas.
    PALATE: Fruity, quaffable, slight blackcurrant hints, subtle strawberry hints, subtle blackberry hints. SERVING TEMPERATURE: Between 45° and 47°
    FOOD MATCHES: Vegetable tart, Vegan Sushi, Red fruit desserts

    Organic viticulture.
    Traditional hand picking.
    Temperature‐controlled fermentation in stainless steel vats, Macération pré fermentaire à froid.


    Christophe Cadis and his team are producers of great Bordeaux wines. He was a winemaker for 15 years before deciding 5 years ago to take on Château Les Maubats when the previous owner retired. With only 9 hectares, we still harvest by hand and focus on the production of natural wines

    Château Les Maubats comes from a region that was completely decimated during and after the Hundred Years War.

    The name of Château Les Maubats evokes the location of the vineyard, located on an old hamlet in disrepair, nicknamed Les Maubatis in Gascon ("badly built" in French) after it was destroyed during the Revolution.

    Installed on a hillside and extending over a valley, our farm is located in Roquebrune in the Haut Entre-Deux-Mers, between the Dordogne and the Garonne. The estate has an area of ​​16.75 hectares.

    The soil is a mixture of clay-limestone (70%) and sandy loam (30%), on which are grown:

    • The vine on 8.30 ha
    • The remaining 8h45 are permanent meadows and woods and copses, conducive to biodiversity