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    Chickapea - Pasta Spiral, 8oz

    Chickapea - Pasta Spiral, 8oz

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    Indulge in Vegan Essentials' Chickapea Pasta Spiral, a two-ingredient wonder made from organic chickpeas and red lentils, offering a blend of flavor and nutrition in each bite.

    Key features:

    1. Nutrient-rich spiral pasta made with only chickpeas and red lentils

    2. Gluten-free and high in protein (27g per serving)

    3. Excellent source of fiber (13g per serving) for improved digestion

    4. Captures sauces perfectly, ensuring a delightful dining experience

    5. Cooks in just 7 minutes for quick and convenient meal preparation


    Vegan Essentials' Chickapea Pasta Spiral stands out as a premium choice for health-conscious individuals seeking a versatile, high-protein, and fiber-packed pasta option. With its organic ingredients and impressive nutritional benefits, it offers a delectable way to support a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.