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Equal Exchange - Organic Dark Chocolate, 2.8oz | Multiple Options

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Flavour Panama Extra Dark (80%)

Experience guilt-free indulgence with Solely's Equal Exchange Organic Dark Chocolate. Meticulously crafted, this luscious delight harmonizes rich, organic cocoa with a subtle sweetness, delivering an unmatched flavor sensation. Formulated with ethically sourced ingredients, every nibble reflects our dedication to excellence and eco-consciousness.

Revel in its smooth texture and bold taste, reassured that each purchase promotes fair trade principles and uplifts cocoa farmers globally. Whether relishing a square alongside your morning brew or unwinding after a hectic day, Solely's Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate embodies your ethical choices while satisfying your palate. Elevate your snacking affair today with a bar that aligns with your values.


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Organic Mango, Organic Dried Chili, Salt

Organic Mango, 100% Cacao

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