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    Storefront Cold Packs Good Catch Plant-Based Salmon Burgers - Classic Style
    Good Catch Plant-Based Salmon Burgers - Classic Style

    Good Catch Plant-Based Salmon Burgers - Classic Style

    Cold Pack Recommended
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    Time to break out the good buns! These plant-based salmon burgers bring you the best part of salmon — its delicate, mild-yet-rich flavor — without the fish, or, the usual odor from cooking fish. That’s right, you can cook these in the office and the only you’ll comments you’ll get are requests to trade lunches. 

    Each juicy burger has a touch of citrus to round out its flavor story. Top with a ring of sweet grilled pineapple, serve with avocado pico de gallo or pile into a pita pocket with lots of cucumber and tomato for a truly special meal.

    With real seafood taste and texture, these burgers are high in protein with 16 grams per serving, there's no better way to bring the tasty and convenient flavors of salmon to your plate vegan-style!

    8 oz. (227g) package contains 2 Salmon Burgers.  $7.89 per package.

    Ingredients: Water, Good Catch 6-Plant Protein Blend (pea protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, chickpea flour, faba protein, lentil protein, soy protein isolate, navy bean powder), coconut oil, natural vegan flavors, sunflower oil, methylcellulose, yeast extract, corn starch, onion powder, salt, lemon juice, lemon, orange, shallot, spice, sugar, garlic powder, annatto extract, vegetable juice

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 1 burger (113g)
    Servings Per Container 2
    Amount Per Serving

    Calories 200

    Total Fat 11g
    Trans Fat 0g
    Saturated Fat 7g
    Sodium 540mg
    Total Carbohydrate 10g  
    Dietary Fiber 2g  
    Sugars 1g  
    Protein 16g

    Calcium  4% DV
    Iron  15% DV
    Potassium 4% DV