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La Veneranda Aureo Umbria Bianco 2019

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Acid:               〚zippy〛                 

Alcohol:         〚13.5%〛

Body:              〚medium〛             

Fruit:                〚juicy yellow〛

Tannin:            〚slight〛                   



85% Grechetto, 15% Viognier

Dried grass, yellow flowers, and yellow apple, chamomile, under-ripe peach. Yellows on the nose turn to more green fruits on the palate - lime and green apple and raw almonds. The stern Grechetto is plumped by a small percentage of Viognier. Perfect as an aperitif or with an herby pasta dish. 

Serve at 50-54°F / 10-12°C


La Veneranda

The love for the cultivation of grapes and the secular history of this family in Montefalco have brought their winery “La Veneranda” to excellent results in the production of fine wines and high-quality extra virgin olive oil, preserving through the time the historical indigenous vines such as Sagrantino, Sangiovese, and Grechetto.

The origins of our family are rooted in Montefalco where it has always lived and cultivated land since 1568, as documented in the Historical Archives of the Municipality.

In 1827 the property was managed by the heir Maria Aloisa Moncelli, a woman of great culture and wisdom who gained the name of “La Veneranda” (The Venerable). In those years the Noble Maria Aloisa dedicated herself with great passion and care to carry on the production in her lands, the same passion handed down from mother to daughter over the generations up to the present days. La Veneranda is an exclusively female-run winery where Eleonora Alessandrelli and Anna Rita Scarca, with the love for their land, passed on to them by their families, take care of the farm by committing themselves to the enhancement of Montefalco wines and the preservation of our beautiful land.

We had such a wonderful visit with the family at this cantina and winery. The owner, Roberto, dreams of leaving everything that he has built here to his two young sons in the future. His 16-hectare vineyard is all harvested by hand to generate only the highest quality wines. Although manual processes often make things more difficult, he says, they believe in ethics over economics. There’s a reason his family has lived here and cultivated the land for almost 500 years!

Vegan Wines already offers La Veneranda’s Grechetto. People love this particular wine from Montefalco (so much so that the first batch sold out very quickly!). And we are excited to share that we hope to add another of their wines soon!

You can learn more about La Veneranda, the family business, their favorite wines, and the science and ethics behind their winemaking in this interview with Alessandro: See it here: 

La Veneranda uses organic practices when producing their wines.

Always a pleasure to visit this family winery in Italy!

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