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    Storefront Natural Lip Balm Ladybug Jane Organic Lip Balm - Mango
    Ladybug Jane Organic Lip Balm - Mango

    Ladybug Jane Organic Lip Balm - Mango

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    The most delicious way to moisturize, protect and nourish your lips, Ladybug Jane organic balms are made with pure ingredients without compromising fun or flavor! Made with USDA certified organic ingredients, they offer natural sun protection without chemicals via the organic aloe extract and Vitamin E used in the formula. Ladybug Jane lip balms are free of beeswax and nut oils, are made without dyes, artificial colors or preservatives, and are soy-free and gluten-free.  Sweetened with organic stevia and natural flavors, they also taste delicious!

    Ladybug Jane Mango Organic Lip Balms are 0.14 oz. (4g) and are $3.99 each.

    Ingredients: Organic avocado oil, organic cocoa butter, organic sunflower oil, organic castor oil, organic evening primrose oil, organic aloe leaf extract, organic carnauba wax, candelilla wax, Vitamin E, 100% natural vegan flavors, organic stevia