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    Storefront Vegan Cheese, Eggs & Dairy Laird Superfood - Creamer Original, 8oz
    Laird Superfood - Creamer Original, 8oz

    Laird Superfood - Creamer Original, 8oz

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    Laird Superfood Creamer Original is a popular plant-based coffee creamer that caters to a wide range of dietary preferences, including vegans. This creamer is specially crafted to enhance your daily coffee or tea with a creamy texture and a delightful, subtly sweet flavor without the use of any dairy or artificial ingredients.

    Key Features:

    1. Plant-Based Goodness: Laird Superfood Creamer is made from a blend of coconut milk powder and organic coconut sugar, providing a rich and creamy texture to your hot beverages while maintaining a vegan-friendly profile.

    2. Non-GMO and Gluten-Free: This creamer is crafted using non-GMO ingredients, and it's free from gluten, making it suitable for individuals with various dietary restrictions.

    3. No Artificial Additives: You can enjoy your coffee with peace of mind, knowing that this creamer is free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, ensuring a clean and natural taste.

    4. Added Benefits: Laird Superfood Creamer is a source of healthy fats from coconut, providing an energy boost and satiety to kickstart your day.

    5. Versatile Usage: Besides coffee or tea, this creamer can be incorporated into smoothies, oatmeal, and various recipes to infuse a hint of coconut flavor and creaminess into your meals.

    Laird Superfood Creamer Original offers a delicious and convenient way to elevate your beverages and recipes with a touch of wholesome coconut goodness. It's a versatile addition to your pantry for those seeking a plant-based and flavorful creamer alternative.