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    Storefront Cold Packs Lil' Mo Mini Cupcakes by Better Bites
    Lil' Mo Mini Cupcakes by Better Bites

    Lil' Mo Mini Cupcakes by Better Bites

    Cold Pack Recommended
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    Get ready to be amazed!  Who would have ever guessed that one day, we'd all be able to enjoy vegan cupcakes that taste amazingly like "that one brand everyone remembers" which are made from non-GMO ingredients AND are free of the top 7 allergens? 

    Lil' Mo Mini Cupcakes are just what you'd think they are - each package contains 6 chocolate mini-cupcakes with coconut cream filling that are dipped in a chocolate ganache for the perfect one-ore-two-bite treat that's rich, delicious, satisfying, and definitely worth talking about.

    Each 6 oz. (170g) package contains 6 individual Mini Cupcakes in a handy re-sealable container to protect your treats for anything you don't eat right away (trust us, it's not easy to resist gorging on the whole package!)  $12.29 per package.

    Ingredients: Filtered water, chocolate (sugar, natural chocolate liquor [non-alcohol], cocoa butter), organic light brown sugar, sugar, white rice flour, organic coconut cream (organic coconut, water, organic guar gum), canola oil, tapioca flour, cocoa powder processed with alkali, potato starch, egg replacer (potato starch, tapioca flour, leavening [vegan source calcium lactate, calcium carbonate, cream of tartar] cellulose gum, modified cellulose), organic powdered sugar, organic sustainably sourced palm oil, natural vegan flavor, baking powder (monocalcium phosphate, potato starch, potassium bicarbonate), salt, baking soda, vanilla bean paste (sugar, water, pure vanilla extract, vanilla beans), guar gum, coffee, PGPR 

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 1 cupcake (28g)
    Servings Per Container 6
    Amount Per Serving

    Calories 100

    Total Fat 4g
    Trans Fat 0g
    Saturated Fat 1.5g
    Sodium 100mg
    Total Carbohydrate  16g  
    Dietary Fiber 0g  
    Sugars 10g  
    Protein 1g
    Calcium  2% DV
    Iron  6% DV