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Liquid Death - Sparkling Water, 16.9oz

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Liquid Death Water is not your ordinary sparkling water. This brand has taken the beverage industry by storm with its edgy, rebellious identity and commitment to sustainability. Founded in 2017, Liquid Death Water aims to "murder your thirst" with its crisp, refreshing taste, packaged in environmentally friendly tallboy cans that stand out in a sea of plastic bottles.

What sets Liquid Death Water apart is its unique approach to marketing and branding. The brand's imagery and messaging are reminiscent of a heavy metal concert, featuring skulls, death metal fonts, and a playful attitude towards traditional advertising norms. This unconventional approach has resonated with a wide audience, particularly younger consumers who appreciate the irony and boldness of the brand.

Beyond its striking appearance, Liquid Death Water is sourced from the Austrian Alps, ensuring a pure and clean taste. The brand is also deeply committed to environmental sustainability. By using aluminum cans, which are infinitely recyclable, Liquid Death Water aims to reduce the plastic waste that plagues our planet. Additionally, a portion of their profits is donated to help clean up plastic pollution in the oceans, making each can not only a refreshing choice but also a responsible one.

Liquid Death Water isn't just a drink; it's a movement against the mundane and the wasteful. It’s the perfect blend of refreshment and rebellion, making it a standout choice in the crowded beverage market.

This canned refreshment will give you a beautiful burst of hydration on the go. Liquid Death’s sparkling water is made from fresh Alpine water that has been canned at peak freshness to preserve its amazing purity. Simply crack a can and enjoy the bubbly hydration wherever you are in the world. 


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