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    Storefront Vitamins and Natural Therapeutics Liquid O-Mega-Zen3 Vegan DHA + EPA Supplement by NuTru
    Liquid O-Mega-Zen3 Vegan DHA + EPA Supplement by NuTru

    Liquid O-Mega-Zen3 Vegan DHA + EPA Supplement by NuTru

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    *New improved formula with natural Sweet Cherry flavor added*

    O-Mega-Zen3™ is the original all-vegan Omega-3 supplement developed by NuTru™, composed of DHA-rich marine algal oil in a handy dropper so you can dose it according to your needs. Containing 300 mg of DHA and 150mg of EPA per full dropper, (which is more than even most other non-vegan formulas,) this once-a-day supplement delivers health benefits to the cardiovascular and brain/central nervous system. Hailed as being one of the most beneficial supplements you can take, this is one supplement that vegans will definitely want to use. Each bottle contains approximately 50 servings for adults and 100 servings at the recommended children's dosage. $22.99 per bottle.

    Supplement facts:
    Servings per bottle - 50 for adult dosage / 100 for children's dosage (1/2 of adult dosage)

    Amount per full adult serving:

    DHA - 300mg
    EPA - 150mg

    Other ingredients: Lemon balm with rosemary extract added to preserve freshness, organic sweet cherry as natural flavoring. Yeast and wheat-free.