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Nutcase Vegan - Organic Precooked Nutty Loaf, 16oz

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This incredible nut roast will make your vegan roast game so much easier and more delicious! Nutcase Vegan has developed these lovely, organic nut loaves that are packed with flavor! Simply follow the baking instructions and get a warm, delicious main in minutes! Serve alongside your favorite sides for a hearty, filling meal. This is a perfect vegan Holiday season centerpiece.


Filtered Water, Brown Rice*, Quinoa*, Walnuts*, Onion*, Red and Yellow Bell Pepper*, Hemp Seed*, Hazelnut*, Flax Seed*, Pecan*, Sesame Seed*, Balsamic Vinegar*, Garlic*, Sea Salt, Beet Powder*, Black Pepper*, Smoked Paprika*, Cumin*, Fennel Seed*, Red Pepper Flakes*, Nutritional Yeast*, Mesquite Powder*, Spices*.

*Organic, Non-GMO

Allergens - Tree Nuts (Walnut, Hazelnut, Pecan), Sesame

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