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    Storefront Natural Oral Care Oral Essentials Lumineaux Tooth Whitening Strips
    Oral Essentials Lumineaux Tooth Whitening Strips

    Oral Essentials Lumineaux Tooth Whitening Strips

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    You can have visibly whiter teeth in just 30 minutes without animal ingredients or sensitivity with this kit from Oral Essentials! These whitening strips are clinically tested to whiten as well as the leading brands, but without any problems for those who have sensitive teeth and without doing any damage to teeth and gums even if used daily.  Formulated with natural, healthy and vegan ingredients, these strips are also safe to use on porcelain veneers, crowns and fillings, and best yet, you can see results after your first use!

    Not only are these whitening strips natural and effective, they're 3rd party University Laboratory tested in a double-blind study comparing them against the best-selling non-vegan brands, and Oral Essentials products stacked up to be as good or better than the rest!

    On top of everything else, these strips taste great, leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh unlike some of those other brands where you're left rising out less-than-healthy residue when you're done.  Each package contains 28 strips in total for 14 full whitening treatments.  As a bonus, each kit coes with a trial size Oral Essentials mouthwash and toothpaste as well!  $28.99 per kit.

    Ingredients: Vegetable glycerol, carbomer, carboxymethyl, coconut oil, Dead Sea salt, sage oil, lemon peel oil