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    Storefront Vegan Wines Oson Wines - Omicron 2013
    Oson Wines - Omicron 2013

    Oson Wines - Omicron 2013

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    "Produced with zero carbon footprint.  Part of our Lifestyle Series, which seeks to celebrate the diverse and vibrant lives in metropolitan areas, our dry Riesling has been tailored by wine maker Craig Hosbach to be a crisp and easy drinking white wine. Perfectly dry but yet it has subtle hints of apple and citrus. Label by artist Ines Tique.The concept of Unité (Unity) was created in early 2010 when owner Kwaw Amos originally envisioned starting a winery.  He felt the harmony of land, fruit, people, and time needed to create great wine could serve as an example for man-kind. Unite Omicron is a wine born from harmony. An atypical blend we use Zinfandel and Cabernet that was purposely aged three additional years in the bottle.  This bold wine shows wonder, balance, fruit, and acid.  The additional aging has tempered the finish with a mild aroma of earth and dark berries. It is a fruit forward vintage that also carries elements of jam. This is our favor wine for pairing with bold flavors."