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    Smart Sweets Sour Blast Buddies Gummy Candies

    Smart Sweets Sour Blast Buddies Gummy Candies

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    Satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free with Smart Sweets, the ultimate solution to kicking sugar aside while indulging in delectable gummy candies. Bursting with amazing fruit flavor, each package boasts an impressive feat – a mere 3 grams of sugar. How is it possible? Smart Sweets achieves this with a blend of exceptional vegan ingredients, including prebiotic soluble fiber, creating the perfect texture and flavor without resorting to sugar or sugar alcohols.

    These chewy treats cater not only to your taste buds but also to those with stomach sensitivities to most sugar-free candies. Smart Sweets stands out with a remarkable 28 grams of fiber per package, ensuring a wholesome snacking experience. The taste and texture, nearly indistinguishable from iconic Sour Patch Kids® candies, deliver a classic candy indulgence without the guilt – and with only 80 calories per package, it's a win-win!

    Indulge in the convenience of a 1.8 oz. (50g) package priced at $3.59, offering the perfect portion to curb your candy cravings. Smart Sweets presents a smart choice for those seeking a vegan, low-sugar option that doesn't compromise on taste or texture. Treat yourself to the joy of guilt-free candy enjoyment with Smart Sweets.

    Ingredients: Prebiotic soluble fiber from tapioca, lactic acid (vegan source), pectin, chicory root fiber, rice flour, fumaric acid, malic acid, citric acid, fruit and vegetable juice for color, natural fruit flavor, coconut oil, carrageenan, spirulina extract for color, stevia leaf extract, carnauba wax


    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 1 bag (50g)
    Servings Per Container 1
    Amount Per Serving

    Calories 80

    Total Fat 0g
    Trans Fat 0g
    Saturated Fat 0g
    Sodium 100mg
    Total Carbohydrate 36g  
    Dietary Fiber 28g  
    Sugars 3g  
    Protein 0g