All Categories Coffee and Beverages Surely - Non-Alcholoci Sauvignon Blanc, 750ml

Surely - Non-Alcholoci Sauvignon Blanc, 750ml

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This fabulous bottle of alcohol-free Sauvignon Blanc from Surely will up your alcohol-free drinking game. This wine is Californian-grown and Californian-made producing a lightly sweet, refreshingly fruity, delicious alcohol-free wine. This wine has won awards for its unique and elevated placement within the alcohol-free beverage industry. Serve this at any gathering as it is easy to pair with dishes, and is also an easy sipper.


De-alcoholized California Sauvignon Blanc Wine, Guava Concentrate, Grapefruit Juice, Passion Fruit Juice, Organic Cane Sugar, Acacia Gum, Sulfites (Preservative).
Allergens - Sulfites

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