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Sutter Buttes - Chili Lime Seasoning, 2oz

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Enhance your culinary creations with the flavorful touch of Sutter Buttes Chili Lime Seasoning. This versatile seasoning blend is your ticket to instant, delicious flavor in any dish you desire. Crafted by Sutter Buttes, this fabulous chili lime seasoning is designed to elevate your cooking to new heights.

Infuse your Mexican-inspired dishes with a burst of flavor by incorporating Sutter Buttes Chili Lime Seasoning. Its zesty chili and lime notes add a refreshing twist to tacos, burritos, and more, making every bite a delightful experience. Plus, its balanced flavor profile ensures that your dishes are perfectly seasoned every time.

But the versatility of Sutter Buttes Chili Lime Seasoning doesn't end there. Get creative and use it as a rim for a spicy margarita, adding an extra kick to your favorite cocktail. With this seasoning by your side, you can effortlessly add depth and complexity to your culinary creations, making every meal a memorable one.


Sea Salt, Chile Pepper, Lime Juice Powder, Garlic, Onion, Paprika, Sugar, Cumin, Cilantro, Black Pepper, Coriander, Silicon Dioxide, Red Pepper, Cayenne Pepper

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