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    Storefront All Tringario Alma Cabernet Franc 2017
    Tringario Alma Cabernet Franc 2017

    Tringario Alma Cabernet Franc 2017

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    Acid:              〚balanced〛                 

    Alcohol:        〚14.3%〛

    Body:            〚medium〛             

    Fruit:             〚purple & black〛

    Tannin:         〚chewy〛                   




    100% Cabernet Franc

    Freshly picked black currants, purple plums, bright violets, and dried roses. Enhanced by Mexican chocolate, cigar box, palo santo, and smoke. This wine is tight and very linear on the palate with light, chewy tannins, vibrant acidity, and a mineral finish. Cozy up to a campfire with this gem and drink now!

    Alma is a direct and daring wine. Made in a traditional way, where the variety shows and shines just the way it is. 


    Tringario is a small family project, founded in 2015 by a couple of winemakers José Gonzalez and Trinidad Fuenzalida. The name was born taken part of the name of their three little daughters: Trinidad, Margarita, and Rosario. They always had the dream of having their own winery, which allows making the wines that they like and in the way they like to do them.

    We are proud to represent Tringario wines. Wines with identity, purity, and nature and shows its unique and original nature, without obligations and bindings. Wines where the variety and the terroir expression are the protagonists of Maule Valley.