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    Storefront Cold Packs Vegan Zeastar - Sashimi Notuna, 10.9oz
    Vegan Zeastar - Sashimi Notuna, 10.9oz

    Vegan Zeastar - Sashimi Notuna, 10.9oz

    Cold Pack Recommended
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    $18.01 $16.29 10% OFF

    Vegan Zeastar’s Sashimi Notuna is meant to save our fishy friends! Remember, fish are friends - not food. With that, this Sashimi Notuna tastes and looks like real sashimi slices. Using it is simple, just grab a bit of sushi rice and wasabi, and place them on top.

    This pack of Sashimi Notuna is a natural source of omega 3. It’s free from palm oil or GMOs, too! Each pack contains evenly-sliced vegan fish. The typical use for them is sushi, but you can also make a ‘fishy’ poke bowl by chopping them up even more or make a fresh Notuna salad by slicing them into thinner strips!


    Water 80%, Trehalose 5%, Modified Tapioca Starch 2%, Stabilizer D-Sorbitol) 2%, Gelling Agent (Konjac Powder, Carrageenan, Carob Bean Gum), Salt, Canola Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Acidity Regulator (Potassium Chloride), Food Colors (Red Iron Oxide, Paprika Oleoresin, Titanium Dioxide)

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 100g
    Amount Per Serving
    Energy 58 Kcal
    Protein 0.2g
    Fat 0.6g
    Saturated Fat 0g
    Carbohydrates 13g
    Sugar 0g
    Fiber 0.8g
    Salt 1g